Sunday, 12 June 2011

[GSoC] There is no vain attempt in free software community

This week, I had been trying to set-up a mygpo server in my notebook, as said in my last post. It was a difficult task, principally when I am no expert at neither python nor django, so I had unfortunately failed.

In despite of this, I want to express all my thankfulness for the help provided by the mygpo team, specially for Stefankoegl and HorusHorrendus. The best of this failure is to know that my work has awared them of the problems that makes mygpo difficult to install and set-up :). This is a clear example that there is no vain attempt in free software community, since all work can be recombined by someone and applied in different contexts (+1 for collaborative intelligence).

By the way, It is good to be part of a project that involves more than one community, to be constantly trying to to keep the dialog between them, leaving and retrieving feedback. To integrate everyone's ideas in a solid feature it is, definitely, a very enjoying activity ^^.

So, remember to keep in touch with this blog. Next week, I will be back to update you with fresh news.

All hail the collaborative intelligence supremacy!!! \o/

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