Monday, 27 June 2011

[GSoC] Podcast Subscription Synchronisation

It’s been two weeks since my last update about progress on gpodder integration with Amarok, so here we go.

Amarok is now fully capable to receive podcasts from and to synchronize them with your own local podcasts, and the other way around. Every podcast, from, will be synchronized with it respective, from local podcasts, using the playlist synchronisation implemented in the first part of this project.

Now, take a look at some screenshots and free your imagination:

(Figure 1) Immediately after Amarok initialization.
Notice that when Amarok started there is only one podcast on local podcasts.

(Figure 2) Right after the subscription synchronisation process ends.
After some necessary delay, gpodder service promptly synchronized all podcasts, from, with your local podcasts, thereby adding the missing ones.

(Figure 3) Removal of a subscription from local podcasts.
If you try to remove a local podcast, that is synced with a gpodder podcast, then Amarok will ask you if you want to remove it from your subscriptions too. In a similar manner, once you add a new podcast, to your local podcasts, you will be asked if you want to add it to your subscriptions too.

So, remember to keep in touch with this blog. Next week, I will be back to update you with fresh news.

All hail the KDE!!! \o/


  1. Looks cool, and I tried it out once, and it worked well. Will it ever be possible to sync ALL the podcasts I already have in Amarok into gpodder as well?

  2. Of course you will ^^. I'm working on it at this moment and in a near future, you will be able to do this by dragging and dropping podcasts from local podcasts to gpodder podcasts and vice-versa. There will also be a dialog, so the user can choose what he wants to sync and what podcasts should be ignored from now on.