Monday, 9 May 2011

[GSoC] Playlist Synchronisation for Amarok

Hi fellows. Last week, I and my mentor discussed a lot about playlist synchronization, mainly because I was getting the wrong idea about the correct implementation.

In the second half of the week, we had achieved a consensus about how we can keep playlist synchronisation flexible to future changes and simple for almost all kinds of playlist.

At this moment, I had fixed the synchronisation between two different kinds of playlist (if you dont understand this, just ignore ^^) and this commit was already uploaded to my
scratch repository (it has no utility for a normal user now indeed).

Amarok playlist synchronisation is not a noticeable feature for common users, at least for my project, but it is neccesary to our planned implementation of gpodder integration as an Amarok service. 

So, remember to keep in touch with this blog if my project interest you. Next week, I will be back to update you with fresh news.

All hail the KDE!!! \o/

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