Tuesday, 31 May 2011

[GSoC] Now it's gpodder integration time!!!

Hello, fellow reader. Up until now, I had fixed the playlist synchronization in Amarok, hence everything is on schedule and the first part of this project is "apparently" finished

At this point, podcast playlist syncing doesn't have a way to show only a subset of predetermined episodes, for this reason we will see some episodes, from before the synchronisation, that should be not shown in Amarok. This will be fixed as soon as we get some priorities done first, since that bug don't prevent usage.

This week, I will try to run a gpodder.net server, as suggested by our libmygpo-qt comrade, HorrusHorrendus, in order to make the next part of this project easier to test. I also plan to continue coding the existing skeleton of the plug­in infrastructure for the gpodder integration with Amarok.

Just wait,
Amarok will have all features
that GPodder has ;}

The good news is that, from now on, will be easier to show the project results than was in the playlist synchonization part, because of the possibility to take screenshots demonstrating gpodder.net integration features.

So, remember to keep in touch with this blog if my project interest you. Next week, I will be back to update you with fresh news.

All hail the KDE!!! \o/


  1. Thanks for the update, I've added an entry to the gPodder blog about your progress: http://blog.gpodder.org/2011/06/gsoc-update-amarok-integration.html

    Please keep us informed about the stuff you are working on, I'm really looking forward to seeing some cool stuff come out of this! :)

  2. Hey MaskMaster,
    I suggest you run that gpodder.net instance on kollide, our dedicated amarok server. This way the whole team (specifically me :) ) can test it easily as well.


  3. This is awesome news. I've been struggling with this on my iAudio7 trying to figure out what I've listened to and what I haven't. I don't suppose you are taking feature requests too?? ;)

    If I could have one would be the ability to put podcasts in a queue one after another using the pubDate tag to sort them by prefixing the filename.. I have a cobbled together python script that does this as it is annoying to listen to say LinuxOutlaws after a newer version of LAS where the news is now superseded..

    Anyway good luck with this!:) Can't wait for it to appear