Tuesday, 19 July 2011

[GSoC] Podcast Subscribtion Synchronisation - Reloaded

Hi folks. First and foremost, I want to apologize for the absence of posts for two weeks now, since I was a little occupied at the end of my university semester (lots of projects and tests) in a way that was difficult to update this blog about the project. Besides that, I have two good news to compensate the delay.

The first one is that the subscription synchronisation is finished. In my last post, I had explained some of the behaviour and features of the subscription synchronisation, so I will continue with the explanation, giving focus to the gpodder service configuration dialog.

(Figure 1) GPodder service configuration dialog fresh initialization.

Here, we have the configuration dialog of the gpodder service before any usage. To proceed with our tests, we must fill the username, fill the password and click at the "Test Login" button. If, for any reason, Amarok fail to connect to gpodder.net, then it will show an error dialog.
(Figure 2) GPodder service configuration dialog after a successful login.

As soon as we logged into gpodder.net, there will be the possibility to subscribe our local podcasts into gpodder.net. We only have to select some local podcasts that we want and click at the “Synchronize” button.
(Figure 3) Yay, now it's time to enjoy.
Notice that Amarok will alert you if selected podcasts subscription into gpodder.net succeeds, or show an error dialog otherwise.

The second good news will be released in two days, since two good news in just one post is too much for our readers heart XD.

All hail the KDE!!! \o/


  1. Looks great! Can't wait for the second good news :-) I changed to gpodder reluctantly from miro just to copy+paste my audio podcasts into amarok.

  2. Sorry dudes. Some new bugs related to the subscription synchronisation appeared, so I prefer to fix them before any new post ^^.